Work It Out: 6 Tips To Make Exercising Easy For You

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

It's a busy world. Some of us have our 9-5 taking almost half of our day while some of us have a business to run. Most times, it feels like 24hrs is not enough time to fit in everything. Then exercising comes up. It just won't work out.

Let's make it workout.

There are a lot of reasons incorporating exercise into your busy schedule won't work but the major reason is because you just don't feel like you have a reason to. You're just slightly overweight, that can't kill you. The staircase is just too long, it's not like you aren't fit. It's easy to make excuses for ourselves when we don't want to face the reality.

Exercising is good for you. The health benefits of exercising are hard to ignore. From helping to control weight, combat health conditions and diseases, improving mood, boost energy to promoting better sleep. Exercising can be fun.

In this article, we will give you tips to help you exercise daily. Read along

1. Make It A Priority

For some of us, it's not that we do not want to exercise but that we just can't find the time for it. For others, they just forget totally. This is mostly because we haven't decided that we will do it. The resolve is what matters. Just make it important enough in your mind to not skip your sessions. Set an alarm if you need to. Put a sticky note in front of your monitor if you need to. Make it as important as that quick afternoon lunch you never miss. Whatever you do, do not forget that you need to exercise.

The first step to getting used to it is programming your mind that exercising is now a part of your everyday routine. With this, you will gradually get used to it and not need a reminder anymore.

2. Wake Up Earlier

In some cases, the reason you don't exercise is because you are not making out time for it. Now that you have prioritized it, the next step is to create time for it. Waking up early can do the trick in this case.

You can always wake up thirty minutes earlier than you normally do and go for a jog or a walk. The best way to keep this up is to try as much as possible to sleep early.

When you sleep early, you will wake up refreshed and ready to go.

3. Start Small and Be Realistic

It's very easy to say 'exercising isn't for me.' Especially if you nearly fainted during your last long jog. You're only trying to stay fit anyways, not lose your life. This is why it is advisable to start small and be realistic. This doesn't mean you shouldn't push yourself but push yourself at a reasonable pace.

Set limits. Work towards reaching those limits and surpassing it but do it at your own pace. Gradually, your body will adjust to your workout routine and you can then advance.

4. Stop Making Excuses

Exercising is not easy. We won't even lie to you that it is. But we know why you should do it and you probably know why you need it too. But you also know how to convince yourself you don't need it that much.

You need to stop making those excuses because you won't even do a single skip when you still find excuses to not exercise.

5. Get A Friend Involved

We can give you several reasons why getting a friend involved is a good idea. Having someone to talk to about the ups and downs of your fitness struggle tops that list. With a workout buddy, you'll always have someone giving you tips on how to do that bench dip better, on how to get that toned abs quicker and your workout buddy can be your potential lifeline if you find your motivation flagging.

Also, making plans to go with someone else also makes it a lot harder to wriggle out of sticking to your plan.

6. Be Disciplined With Your Schedule

In everything, discipline matters most. It's very possible to prioritize, wake up early, have a grip of your workout routine and have a friend involved and still not get anything done. Being disciplined with your schedule helps you understand that 8am till 9am is for exercising and not for laying on the bed pressing your phone.

It requires a whole lot of strength to leave your comfort zone to go do what you don't regularly do but discipline helps you do it anyways.

If you are disciplined with your schedule, you would have solved 80% of your problem.

Take charge today and start exercising. We will like to read your struggles on your fitness journey. Leave a comment for us and don't forget to follow @takersclub for more tips on health and wellness.

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