Why we should be Stretching!

Whilst most of us do a great job with building or strengthening the muscles, many of us neglect stretching!

It is very easy to forget to stretch; a lot of gym users consider it a waste of time as they are not educated on the benefits and additionally, the effects of not stretching!

Over the years, a lot of us have learnt the importance of warming up and now incorporate it into our daily workout (some of us still don't *side-eyes*) We have been told to warm up and cool down but many of us don't know why we need to so we just skip it.

Yes, building those muscles will get you looking fitter, stronger, possibly leaner, but what do you now do when it comes to performing daily activities, i.e touching your toes!

Many people struggle to get their hands to touch their back, toes or even properly clean themselves as they have reduced flexibility which could have been avoided by regular stretching.

When exercising or doing daily activities, The muscles are contracted (shortened). when there is no stretching, the muscles starts to feel tighter as they are being shortened and not stretched, this eventually starts to reduce the range of movement and reduce flexibility of those muscles. The body compensates for this reduced flexibility by bringing in the back bones most usually and causing back problems especially in the lower back.

Watch Video below for a stretch guide


It's simple! Start Today! Dedicate a 10-15 minutes slot in your workout plan to stretching and cooling down. It is always included in our workout programs.

Here are a few benefits of why you should start stretching!

- Stretching will increase your flexibility, this will creates a better quality of life as it allows a smoother range of movement from the joint.It decreases the risks of spinal injuries and other bone related injuries.

- It helps to relax the muscles and can be very therapeutic.

- It helps to improve our posture as you improve your muscular balance

- It encourages a better flow of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the soft tissues.

- Helps to strengthen your control of your muscles so you have a more effective training session!

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