What are deadlifts?

Deadlifts are the single, most effective movement for training the posterior chain(bum, inner, outer, mid-thighs and inner thighs.

The gluteus and hamstrings (bum and thighs) are made of what we call the fast-twitch fibres, these muscle fibres provide a lot of strength and speed within a short time. Deadlifts works more muscles simultaneously! - Even more than squats!


They strengthen your core and improve your posture,

A good deadlift session will strengthen your core and improve your posture, it is also a great way to tone.

It has minimal safety concerns, compared to squats or bench presses, where you have a weight that could mount on you.

The movement in a deadlift is used in everyday life - from picking up boxes to carrying your toddler.

Are they for me?

Deadlifts can be done by anyone!

They strengthen your lower muscles!

Knee Injury?

One of the long term benefits of Deadlifts is the strengthening of your bum and thighs without adding pressure to your knees!

So, if you hate or simply cannot do a squat, Deadlift it!

Back problems?

Talk to your GP or Physio/Physical therapist.

Safety First

Get a qualified trainer to spot and support you when you first do a deadlift,

Tip - Keep your chest out, shoulders back and bum arched back to maintain the spine neutral position.

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