Squats and its benefits!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Firstly, let's just appreciate that there are sooooo many different types of squats!

From single leg squats, goblet squats to sumo squats!

- We simply can't get enough of it!

Now let's explore some of the benefits of a standard squat.

Benefits of Squatting Ok, we all know squats as an exercise, so we've established it will help to burn calories!

  1. Squats are super effective for building lower body strength.

  2. Squatting promotes a full body burn due to its large movement and promoting full body muscle building.

  3. First time trying a squat, we all probably felt unsteady! doing squats helps to improve our balance, proprioception and core strength.

  4. You've probably noticed we haven't mentioned building your bum, because that's not the primary role of a squat, but you'll definitely get strong thighs from it!

  5. The movement up and down gravity also aid with digestion and bowel movement.

What a good squat looks like

- Push your bum out as if you want to sit on a chair.

- Focus on putting the weight through your heel but keep your whole feet flat on the ground.

- Go as low as comfortable

- Stand up and squeeze your bum muscle together

Studies have shown the wider the squat, the larger the movement in the knee and hip joint, so more care should be taken when doing these type of squats.

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