Snacking whilst looking like a snack

For a lot of us, healthy eating can be the most challenging in maintaining the healthy streak we have going. 😅

Now, this post is about to say something NO Personal Trainer wants to give up easily to their clients.

It's OK to eat that chocolate bar! 😱🍫🍦🍰🍭😍

But whoah! Stop!

Before you run off with half information, let's dwell into it a little.

Our body is a complex thing! and let's get real, it will DEMAND what it needs in nutrients from us, and most times, if we don't understand our body or give it what it needs, it will be in the most absurd ways!

Like craving that really moist and juice snack when your body just needs water from dehydration! (yes, this is a thing)

You can have a healthy balanced diet and incorporate some sweet things here and there so long as it is MINIMAL!

Don't stave yourself away from what you love, but rather, make it healthier and learn more about your taste buds.

The most important message here is DISCIPLINE!

You know what your goal and is how you need to achieve it, too much of anything is bad for you, especially these sweet treats!

Take control and make sure you hold yourself accountable for your 'cheat meals' and don't overdo it.

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