SELF LOVE: 4 Self Love Habits You Should Start Practicing

SELF LOVE: 4 Self Love Habits You Should Start Practicing

What is self-love to you?

Self-love is being able to find inner peace, having a sense of consequence and being able to take responsibility for one’s action.

Over time, people will come to learn to let go of things they cannot change and work harder on the things they really need to get better on.

In this article, we will share 5 habits you can practice that will help you build more on self-love.

Aim for eight hours of sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important human needs. It helps refresh the human body among many other things. According to Healthline, only three or four nights without sleep can make an individual start to hallucinate. Prolonged sleep deprivation can cause cognitive impairments, irritability, delusions, paranoia and psychosis. All these are major roadblocks to getting to the stage of self-love.

It is nearly impossible to love yourself when you are irritated by everything around you.

Getting a complete 8 hours of sleep can be close to impossible as well, especially for those with a really busy schedule but aiming for it can be as simple as waking up every day to work. It is a habit you need to form and gradually get used to.

It is recommended to eat early so you don’t have to stay up late waiting for your food to digest before you can sleep. This helps you to sleep early and get in the required hours for your body and brain to refresh itself.

Fill your plate with foods that nourish your body and mind

Did you know that your digestive system doesn’t just help you break down food but also helps guide your emotion?

Nearly 95% of Serotonin, the neurotransmitter in the brain that helps regulate sleep and appetite, manage your mood and prevent pain is produced in your gastrointestinal tract. On this hand, it is mostly advisable to consider a balanced diet that provide premium fuel to your body and brain.

Know when to eat heavy and light. Know when to not eat carbs or too much protein.

All in all, understand your body and the things it doesn’t want and remember that your body is not a trash bin you can just dump anything in. Simply because you can eat it doesn’t mean you should eat it.

Spend five minutes a day meditating

Every day, we spend time going from one task to the other, almost always forgetting the world around us. Meeting targets and missing out on the beauty of things happening around us.

Meditation is a major key to solving this problem. It helps redirect attention from the stress of the day to the beauty of the present moment.

According to Mayo Clinic, meditation can help gain perspective during a stressful situation, increase self-awareness, reduce negative feelings and increase creativity.

With how helpful this can be, it takes little to achieve. Most times, a quiet setting, a comfortable position and a deep relaxed breathing is all you need to get yourself back in control of your emotion.

Recognize your negative thoughts — and replace them

The quickest way to lose yourself deep into that black hole is leaving space for negative thoughts. Most times, the thoughts are negative things your parents usually said to you while you were growing up, resurfacing and coming back to haunt you or on other times, the voice in your head weighing in on your every move. They might catch a glimpse of you in the mirror and make snide remarks about your body or convince you that you’ve said something wrong ‘again’ when someone doesn’t respond immediately to your text.

The best solution to breaking that chain is identifying the toxic thoughts, then acknowledging and validating the thoughts, then finally replacing them with new ones that helps you feel better about yourself.

Self-acceptance is the key to a happier life and you deserve to be happy.

Remember to tell that to yourself every day because you are enough.

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Sheriff Olaitan Oshin

Health & Wellness Writer

Takers Club

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