Returning Back To The Gym

For most of us, since the lock-down has been eased, we have been enjoying using our favourite gym and leisure equipments again! -and for some of us, we are still building the confidence or unsure whether it is safe to do so, Whatever you decide to do, you need to do what is best for you.

Here sare 5 tips to ease you into using the gym when you're ready!

1. Form over everything!

This cannot be stressed enough! Bad form can cause long term injuries, so if you must get a personal trainer or watch credible online videos sources that teach form for exercises.

2. Ease yourself into it!

You have been out of the gym for months now, - don't be disappointed if you have lost some of your strength and endurance like before.

This is the time to set new goals and be gentle with your self. Build your strength and have fun doing it!

Don't forget rest days are still vital! -Find different ways to spend your rest day!

Maybe go for a walk or swim?

3. Don't ditch those bands!

Your resistance bands don't need to be thrown away just yet, they are perfect for conditioning and rehabilitation.

They also add varied resistance range to your workout and can activate muscles you may struggle to activate usually.

Add them to your jumps and cardio sessions!

4. Own it!

Now you're back at the gym -own it! Do it with confidence!

If you need a booster, try some or all of these:

  1. Get yourself new gym wears to get you excited and ready!

  2. Go with friends you know will encourage you!

  3. Find the playlist that helped Stella get her groove back! - Or better still, make your own!

5. Walk to the gym!

Rather than do that 10 minutes drive to the gym, why not try the 25-minute walk or 15 minutes jog! Get your steps in! it makes a great cardio and cool-down session!

if you have started working out already, what tips have you done to ensure your sessions run smoothly?

Comment below.

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