Major Personality Type And Best Way To Exercise

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Personality is a complicated thing to discuss, especially because there is no general accepted term to define what it really is. But while we try to find that, it can be generally agreed upon that most theories focus on motivation and psychological interactions with one's environment.

Personality can be seen as the particular set of behaviours, thinking and reasoning that evolves from our lived experiences and genetic heredity.

Due to this, every human and animal has sets of characters that defines who they are, how they do things and why they make certain decisions they make. If tapped into the right way, these set of characters can help you find and improve the exercises to do.

Lets look at two major personality type and how we can best utilise this to improve our workout regime. Read along.

Extroverts: Social Fitness Experience

This term is used to define outgoing and socially confident people. These are the set of people who are always energetic and drawn to excitement. It is not hard for these set to feel positive emotions and show it.

On this hand, this set will be more fitted with fitness opportunities that involve social interaction, are high-paced, goal-oriented, or result in positive emotional rewards.

If you fall in this category, you can join a running club, group fitness classes, competitive team sports or any fitness challenging sport that will help you keep interaction with people while exercising.

Introverts: Solo Fitness Experience

Introverts are the opposite side of a coin to the Extroverts. This set of people are the shy reticent set. These are the set of people who can be easily uncomfortable by stimulation from external sources.

This should not be mistaken with total eradication of external stimulation in an introvert's day-to-day basis. Occasionally, there is still the need to seek out exercise experiences that offer social interaction.

However, if you need a break from external stimulation, you can try running alone, working out at a not too populated gym or wearing headphones when working out in public to let people know you don't like to be interrupted while doing your thing.

Knowing your personality type can be a great help in determining the type of workout experience that'll work for you. If you're not sure where to start, you can read this article on How To Start And Maintain Your Fitness Journey.

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