Health and Wellness: 4 reasons to get regular medical check up

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Health and wellness is usually more important than the attention we give it. On most occasion, we pay attention to our outer appearance more than we do our health and wellness. Just as Ms Caro from Lagos, Nigeria can spend an hour baking her face everyday of the year to look good, Mr Bradshaw from the UK can’t also do a week without getting a clean shave. But both hasn't visited the hospital for a proper body checkup since they’ve been adults.

The inner workings of the human body is a delicate and complex thing. One organ works with another and while some shut down once, some malfunction gradually till it’s finally tired and can’t work anymore. This is more reason we should pay close attention to health and wellness as dropping dead is not a joke.

One question that will pop up regularly is 'do healthy individuals need full body check up?'

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, anyone, however healthy they might be, need regular health check-ups.

In this article, we'll take you through 4 reasons why a regular health check up is necessary for everybody, old or young, fit or unfit. Read along.

1. Nips Diseases in the bud

According to Prof Mike Richards, earlier detection of symptoms could save between 5,000 and 10,000 lives in England a year. This is because early detection prompts treatment. The diseases people die of in most cases are those that could have been prevented or remedied with treatments but the victims either found out too late or never knew till death.

A regular health checkup would recognize if there is any disease and prescribe the right treatment for it.

2. Blood Tests

During a health checkup, a doctor may ask that you do a blood test in order to eliminate the risk of any disease that can show up in the blood. HIV/AIDS for an instance hides in the blood and needs an expert's help to be noticed. Some carriers are not sick or don't see the symptoms of HIV till it develops into AIDS.

A proper health check up will detect this kind of threat and help advise on how to manage it from developing.

3. Identifies Stress-related diseases

Stress is one of the major threats to dwindling health and sadly, little can be done to avoid it due to the extremely fast moving world we live in and hectic work schedule among other things. This can spark off a variety of stress induced diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, weight gain, mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, depression, asthma, and even gastrointestinal problems.

Regular medical check-ups make sure that it is easier to diagnose and detect these problems before they turn too severe and make sure that you get the advise and support you need from your doctor to help stave off the ills of a high stress lifestyle.

4. Keeps you abreast of your health

Your screening results will tell your doctor all they need to know about your health. Depending upon them they may warn you and/or give you advice on how you can better maintain your health.

A simple example is how so many people ignore their dental health. This can exacerbate very rapidly and cause problems at a later stage. When identified at an early stage problems can be handled with small changes in lifestyle.

On the other hand, if the problem is detected at an already exacerbated stage, it becomes very difficult to manage it and can even be a major financial drain on the patient.

Regular check-ups are a great way to stay aware of what you can do to improve your health and reduce your risk of diseases. Like the make up kits and the weekly allowance for a good haircut, you also need to invest in yourself by investing in your health and well-being. Don't wait till things get serious. You get serious today.

Health and wellness is important and the key to living your best life. Remind yourself of that everyday and take the right steps towards living healthy and well. If you need constant reminders, you can follower @takersclub for it and let us help you keep in shape and in control of your health.

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