Does sweating mean I'm working hard - What if I don't sweat?

We can appreciate that in most cases, we sweat when we we are working out and really getting our workout groove on! Some of us can sweat so much, you'd think we've been drenched!

However, this isn't always the case for everyone! There's a huge percentage of the population that hardly sweat or take really long to break a sweat. now does this mean they are not working hard?

Let's dwell into this a little bit.

Factors that may affect how much you sweat:

- Physical fitness - studies have actually shown that physically fitter people tend to sweat more than the average, which is contrary to what many think - that sweating means you're unable to cope.

- Type of workout - You are more likely to sweat from cardiovascular (exercises that raises your heart rate for a prolonged time). You can have a fully effective workout session lifting weights and not sweat.⁠

- Climate; Ventilation - You'll sweat more in a hot climate or a closed up environment than if you are in a well ventilated space.

- Genetics; Sweat gland distribution - people sweat differently, we have more sweat glands in certain areas compare to other, i.e some people sweat on their palm a lot whilst other sweat more in their armpit or head.

- Clothing - people now wear loads of layers to workout to encourage fat burning, don't confuse the weight in water lost from sweating to burnt calories as you'll regain the water once you hydrate

- New environment - if you're not from a country with summer all year round, do you notice that when you go to hot countries , you sweat a lot more than the locals? Your body's response is due to body not being acclimatised to the new weather. and just as your holiday is coming to an end, you feel you have just started to adjust. oh, what a shame.

To conclude:

Some people sweat more than others and this is fine, just make sure you're pushing yourself and know your limits.⁠

Are you a sweater or non sweater? Leave a comment below 💗

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