Choosing a gym partner

To get motivated, some people prefer to go with someone.

BEFORE choosing your gym partner, there are a few things to bear in mind and not just the fact that they are your BFF.

Do they have the same goal as you?

Your gym partner should have a similar goal, especially as a beginner, so that you can both complete set tasks together, this works as it forces you to do more than you might have done on your own. you can do little friendly competitions to motivate your partner.

Are they motivated?

To be honest with you, there is nothing worse than having a gym partner that WANTS to achieve a set fitness goal and does NOTHING to make this happen, or procrastinate. if you think you have a partner like that, maybe its high time you move on!

Are they on your fitness level?

If you are determined to reach a fitness goal, the last thing you need is someone who is not on your fitness level, they will only demotivate you and you can end up regressing!

what you need to find is someone that challenges you, or at least makes you push yourself!

If you can answer all these three questions about your gym partner, then you are a step closer to achieving that goal!

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