Being intentional

'Whatever you do or are doing, Be intentional'

What does being intentional mean to you?

Being intentional to us means to have focus.

To evaluate your decisions and to do it with a mind that the outcome will be ss you've hypothesised or better.

You need. to go in with the mindset that you are where you need to be to attain what you are aiming for.


1. Get a diary! or a white board

2. Document your goal!

3. Justify (for yourself) why this goal is important to you (this is important).

4. Give your goal three stages. (step 1, 2,3)

5. Write down your steps to getting there

6. Write down potential threats to your goal? what could be stopping you or what is stopping you?

7. Write down how you can overcome this barriers.

8. Read over this plan 5 times and spend at least 5 minutes on each number.

9. Be proactive with your plan and executions

10. Come back to step 2-9 when you find yourself stuck or needing to start again.

You can repeat this over and over again through different stages or apply it to your different goals you may have,

To intend to is to Hope and plan.

What steps do you take to be intentional?

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