Back Pain During Your Period? Try These!

Back pain is very common during the menstruation period and affects people differently, some people can continue just fine, whilst it can limit the functioning of some others and affect their quality of life for those few days.

TolaAdeKing asked her followers if they experienced back pain during their period. 91% of the people who took part voted they experienced back pain whilsty menstruating.

Before, during and after a woman's time of the month, there are alot of changes that occur in the body, and our chemicals and hormones can cook up a big pot of concoction!

What causes this pain?

Lower back pain during menstruation period can be linked with the uterine contractions during the last phase of the menstual cycle.

The uterus contracts to shed the lining of the uterus when pregnancy does not occur and prepare itself for a new menstrual cycle

The release of the chemical prostaglandins helps to contract the wall of the uterus to contract

These contractions may also refer to the lower abdomen aswell as the lower back, which is why people expeirence a cramp on their lower back

What can you do to ease the pain?

Here are five things you can do to ease the pain from these contractions.

1. Drink warm water

This will help to improve blood flow to the muscle groups and thus, alleviate some of the muscle cramps.

2. Have a soak

Having a nice warm bath can help to relax your muscles, you can also add some lovely scents to make the experience also mentally refreshing.

3. Get a Hot water bottle

This is as ancient as it gets, and stays undefeated! the gentle release of the heat unto the muscles acts as a great muscle relaxant!

4. Avoid Coffee

Oops, didn't mean to touch a nerve there! coffee is a bladder irritant and can make you dehydrated,water and hydration plays an important role in recovery, so just for a few days, find alternative ways to curb your coffee desire if you can.

If your pain is does not ease and is unbearable, please do visit your General Practiotioner (GP) or medical doctor for more advice.

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