Achieving your fitness goals!


This is very important!

This is your progress records, monitors little things you forget and can show how far you’ve come or in other cases, how long you have been stagnant.


A lot of people on weight loss plans are always very quick to pick up the scales every morning to see if they have lost a pound or kg. 

The scale you are using probably doesn’t tell you the percentage of that weight that is muscles or bones.

Get your tape ruler out and use inches and centimetres! Get a trained erosional trainer to help you with your monthly progress checks and leave the scales alone!

BE CONSISTENTTry to maintain at least 4 fays out of the 7 days. 4 hours a week is a small amount of time you can give for big changes.


This is the main and probably most important point! There is no point spending 4 hours or more out of your week in the gym if your nutrition is lagging.

Start off by fixing your diet, If you need help, you can always email me for a meal plan write up. Remember, your diet is 70% of your plan and can greatly affect the result you achieve!

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