7 Ways To Cultivate A Mentally Tough Attitude

Life is a bed of challenges. Everyone have theirs but deal with it

differently. Some handle it so well we feel they don't have any while some

handle the little they get so bad we feel the whole world is on their

shoulders. This is because of our level of Mental Strength.

What is Mental Strength?

It is the Grit, Determination and Willpower to go through the toughest

phases in life and still stand above it all. It is how we pick ourselves

up and carry on even when it seems we've hit a brick wall.

With that in mind, we will be sharing 7 tips on how to cultivate a

mentally tough attitude that will serve you well in not only your fitness

pursuits but also in other aspects of your life. Read along.

1. Believe in Your Ability To Get Things Done

You might not know it but believing in yourself alone can boost your chances of winning over hundred percent. Several researches has shown that most people who believe they can do something usually end up achieving their desired result on that particular thing. This is because they've made a resolve and will find a way to get it done rather than make excuses.

Cultivating a can-do attitude wins half of the race while proper preparation wins the rest.

2. Focus on Passion Rather Than External Rewards

Let passion be your drive.

Don't just go into something because other people are doing it. Search within yourself and see if it's something you feel deeply connected to. This way, you're motivated by your passion for it and not because of the acclaim, money or fame you stand to gain from it.

Most times, the motivation for things we have a passion for never let us stop even in the face of challenges.

3. Don't Give In To Setbacks

Setbacks are a crazy morale killer but will it really be worth it if you have it easy?

You'll have injuries as an athlete. You'll have a writer's block. Your proposal will be rejected but you shouldn't just stop because of that. Setbacks are so you have another look at where you're headed and correct the things you didn't have the chance to.

Never let it get you down.

4. Have A Sense Of Direction

Direction is really important in life. It's easy to get lost without it.

Set goals and work towards reaching them. Pursuing your goals is how you'll be able to get the things you want in life. This is one of the strongest influence one can get and as easier as it seems to be, one must be ready to put in the work.

5. Stay Focused in the Face of Distraction

The world is so busy now it is easy to get distracted. Got a training session for 2? You can get lost in the myriads of cool pictures on Instagram and be late for training. Other things are going to fight for your attention but it is left with you to know how to balance it.

Having a sense of direction helps greatly in this instance. When you feel yourself losing focus, look for ways to recharge and bring yourself back on track.

6. Expect The Smooth And Rough Sail

Life will not just be bed of roses.

Understanding this will prepare your mind for challenges and help you tackle them heads on instead of wallowing in self pity. Have faith in your abilities to survive, adapt, and overcome.

7. Maintain Your Sense of Control

You have to be in charge. Take control. That is the way of those who ooze mental toughness.

Control is a key component of mental toughness that helps people learn that they have an active role in creating their own victories. Rather than pinning their failures or successes on outside forces, the mentally tough have more of an internal locus of control.

Now that you have some tips to get you started on your journey to mental toughness, it is time to go take control. You can follow @takersclub for all the inspiration you need.

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