Along with cardio, adding weights is beneficial to get in a great shape.

1. Eat well

– Meals rich in protein is essential as they are the building blocks of the muscles, growth and repair is needed more with weight training, Ensure you take supplements that promotes healthier bones and joints.

2. Correct technique

– Worst way to start off your weight training is with the wrong technique, get yourself a qualified personal trainer or instructor to guide you and teach you the correct techniques. Bad technique lead to injuries that can cost a lot more than a personal trainer would, ensure you start with lower weights until technique is improved and you can begin to advance the resistance.

3. Stretch, Warm-up and Cool down!:

- These three points are very essential! They all help to avoid injury as weight training can cause strain to the muscles, ensure you warm up first before stretching.

4. Rest your muscle

- Always ensure you rest in-between the days of weight training for maximum gain or most efficient result, or focus on different muscle groups on the different days of the week.

5. Measure your progress

– This applies to all forms of training, I always ensure to keep a log of my clients performances to ensure progress is being made and can be recorded, this works as a great feedback. It motivates you and shows whether you need to continue as you are, step up your game, or take it a bit slower.

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